noir Build muscle Gym: Avoid weight gain no matter how bad your mental Build muscle Gym Build muscle Gym: Avoid weight gain no matter how bad your mental

Avoid weight gain no matter how bad your mental

     Bad mood, tension, depression, anxiety increases the weight heavily in the body where it secretes cortisol hormone in the blood when a person is not balanced psychologically, which causes the accumulation of fat in the cells, especially in the abdominal area and various forms of psychological situations that cause anxiety, which leads to weight gain.

1) Reasons for anxiety 

Unit: a man who feels emptiness finds the best friend food

Intense emotion and anger: the body needs then to sugars, which leads to weight gain

Severe depression: a person needs to improve mood eats sugars and sweets

Guilt or fear: Escape leads to a focus on fun food

 It is therefore advisable to keep away from those thoughts to improve your mood

2)Protect and improve mood

- First, you must determine the dates of the food and the number of meals and the amount of food, and we calculate calories a day, eat no more than what is specified in you today, we eat to live, not we live to eat 

- Regular exercise at least an hour a day, which may be difficult at the beginning of the first day, but it's fun and affect the mental state and reduces the need for food which leads to enhance energy and vitality, and improve your mood and treat depression and stress

- Drink plenty of water helps to fill the vitality of the body and appetite. Recommend to drink a cup or two cups of cold water to revive the body and improve your mood, or whenever you feel hungry eat two cups of water will disappear feeling hunger

- Stay away from ensuring the lack of sleep at night and anxiety. Overall body needs 6-8 hours of sleep at night time

- Relieve anxiety and tension, for example, listen to music or practice Yucca instead of resorting to food Entering new things for your life like going to the gym or hobby or sporting activity or go out for sightseeing .....