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Best Tips To weight Your Big Rumen

Best TipsTo weight Your Big Rumen 

Fat accumulation in the body pattern varies from one person to another. Different genes and sex and other factors. When gaining excess fat, is not evenly distributed on the body. But for most men, the fat accumulates on the abdomen first and then the rest of the body.
And vice versa when the loss of body fat. The man may lose fat first of his face or the chest, abdomen and left a last place area for fat loss
If Thread simply, to lose the rumen must lose all body fat. And must be patience. The onset of the abdominal muscles (WRX PAC) starts at the ratio of 12% fat. Can not be explained as to target abdominal fat topically. This is impossible.

Steps and strategies to burn the whole body fat:

1) persevered exercise and abdominal exercises and walking are the best ways to treat the rumen.

2) Beware to begin road to get rid of the rumen, depending on diet only, without exercise, it's affected muscle weakness.

3) Avoid sitting and eating in front of the TV for a long time, it drives you to gorging on large amounts of food subconsciously.

4) Replaced cars and ride the elevator to walk and up the stairs.

5) Be sure to eat fresh vegetables such as parsley, radishes, celery, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes, it gives you a sense of satiety and prevents you constipation.

6) Be sure to eat low-calorie fruit such as grapefruit, melons, apples, Be careful of grapes, figs, dates.

7) Stay away from eating pulp and Sudanese, nuts, chocolate and soda water.

8) Beware of fried foods and eating boiled or grilled, because the low ratio of fat to a minimum.

9) Beware intake of fat and fatty meats such as brain, liver, kebabs and preferably eating beef small.

10) Replacing sugar food alternatives to sugar in pharmacies such as saccharin and Suet Diet.

11) Avoid neglecting one of the three main meals in negligence meal may motivate you to eat the foods are more undesirable.

12) Of the elements of success in the treatment of rumen group therapy and compete with your home and your friends.

13) Sauna baths and massage are useless in treating the rumen may even lead to many health problems.

14) Do not take any herb to losing fat only after knowing the composition and dose effects and preferably under medical supervision.

15) Weight-loss drugs have side effects not take only under the supervision of a physician

16) Never use hormones and weight loss only after the laboratory tests and the doctor decides that.

17) Be careful going down gradually and avoid rumen get off quick, it could lead to many complications .