Blotting burn fat

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Will be talking about a very important issue (drying) fat burning blotting ?? Burning fat is accumulated muscle .
When we enter into blotting program ?? When you feel that the percentage of fat in the form of muscle.
The most important things that must be followed:
1-Exercise cardio, running, jogging or bike
2-Running or walking on the device.
3-sunnny, One of the key things in blotting program
4-Doing abdominal exercises 3 days in week
5-The use of one type of protein
 6-Possible Wi-protein or ISO Pure both are excellent..

Exercise :

1- The first day: chest +biceps +abdo and cardio
2- The second day: Triceps + Cardio
3-The third day: shoulder + bolts + Cardio and abdo
4-Fourth day: comfort or rest
5-The fifth day: legs +abdo and Cardio
6-Sixth day: the arm + cardio
7-Seventh Day:cardio+abdo or rest

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