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Pulled hamstring pain

Explanation of cases of muscle rupture:

For information: Rip happens to the muscle if it occurs by the pressure on and then suddenly attracted
Signs and symptoms:

- Severe pain in the place of infection
- Inability to move the affected joint
- Swelling of the joint
- Bruises and cuts
- Pain when pressure on the affected joint

First aid:

- Reassure the patient that guides
- Dish Rise Rise principle as follows:
- Increase the injured party down
- Tighten the tourniquet as far as possible
- The relief of the injured party and not to move it
- Cooling infection with cold water for at least ten minutes after the injury directly
- Can put a piece of ice wrapped in a large piece of gauze or cloth
- Move victim to hospital

Note: You must put cold compresses the first 72 hours of the injury, then start Compresses warm for 24 hours