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What is the glutamine and doses

    Is the amino acid sequence of amino acids found in protein sources (meat / dairy products), it is known for his ability and effective in the treatment of muscle during periods of recovery after exercise stressful 

                                           and he has some interest and other 

- the nitrogen which gives energy for body
- Reduces muscle contraction, which reduces the tendency of cells to get rid of muscle protein inventory
- Has the ability to amplify the cells, which appear in the slow process of lost muscle mass
- Building the damaged muscle tissue and reduce muscle injuries
- Strengthens the immune system
- Plays an important role in metabolic processes as a process of building muscle
- Raise the level of growth hormone in the body, "while accout on empty stomach."

Doses :
- 5 grams before exercise and 5 grams before bedtime
- 10 grams before exercise and 15 grams before going to sleep "in the drying stage."