German Intensive Program 2015

                                    The basics of German Volume Training

Impactful Exercise Choices. Pick exercises that provide the most bang for your buck. Don’t opt for an easier machine movement, or less taxing compound exercise, when you can go all out with the biggest and baddest compound movements. You will be performing only one 10×10 exercise per muscle group.
Sets and Reps. You perform 10 sets by 10 reps for each primary exercise.
Rest Periods. Rest between the 10×10 sets on main lifts is kept to a strict 90 second. Rest for accessory lifts is limited to 60 seconds between sets.
Antagonistic Muscle Groups. If you can, work using antagonistic muscle groups – Chest and Back, an Overhead Press and a Lat exercise (pull down or pull ups), Quads and Hamstrings, or Biceps and Triceps.
Weight Additions. You only add weight when you are able to perform 10 reps for each of the 10 sets. Do NOT train to failure on any of the sets.
Beginning Weight. Start with approximately 60% of your one rep max, or a weight in which you could perform a single 20 rep set with.
Accessory Exercises. Use 3 sets for 10-20 reps.

Frequency. Training each muscle group every 4 to 5 days is optimal.
Tempo. Charles Poliquin advocates using a specific tempo depending on the type of lift. For long-range movements such as squats, dips and pull ups, a 4 second negative is recommended. For shorter range movements such as curls and tricep extensions, a 3 second negative is recommended. It should ne noted that “tempo” is considered the least important variable in German Volume Training, meaning if you do not focus on it at all, you will still make amazing progress.
It is also recommended that you eat aggressively while utilizing German Volume Training. What’s the point of using an intense program like this if you are not attempting to maximize muscle growth and recovery?

To say this program adds muscle fast is probably an understatement. Gains of ten pounds or more in six weeks are not uncommon, even in experienced lifters. – Charles Poliquin
Recommended German Volume Training Split

The following is a recommended 5 day German Volume Training split:

Day 1 – Chest and Back
Day 2 – Legs and Abs
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Arms and Shoulders
Day 5 – Off

Due to the intense recovery demands associated with this program, natural trainees may wat to consider working each body part only once per week. A 7 day workout split is provided at the end of this article.
                                I wish everyone good health and happiness.