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Tips To Build Chest Muscles Fast


The Best Chest-Building Tips

There's nothing like that feeling to pay a large weight in the chest exercises, it is probably the most commonly used to measure muscle strength in the gym.

But get big muscles issued and increase the weights and loads not an easy task, which is why we offer you the best three tips to enhance and strengthen the muscles of the chest.

1. Exercise Negatives:

      Exercise the negative performance of the heavy weights once or twice a month, has a very significant impact on increasing the strength and capacity to carry weights, players bodybuilding who do not have "day exercise passive" in the exercise routine lacked huge gains, Exercise negative is that focuses on the descent stage The bar on the chest, or the stage of weight loss, weight gain can exercise in the negative on the muscles by 30-40? More weight on the usual drive, so made use of these weights, is used a lot of muscle fibers untapped and create the body and mind to deal with the heavier weight.
The performance of passive exercise, increase the weight at a rate of 30-40? More weight than usual drive, so as to perform 10 iterations (after practice several sets of warm-up exercises).

     For example, if you are carrying 60 kilos and can perform 10 iterations, increase the weight to 80-85 kg and never exercise to go down slowly until the arrival of the bar to your chest, with weight resistance for 5 sec while to get off at a time, and after the arrival of the bar to your chest Mark colleague pulls bar with you quickly to put the beginning (do not make it raises the weight alone, but the body that aid would be very strong, because it must raise the bar quickly to put the start in less than 2 seconds).

Perform the exercise of negative 1-3 groups, once or twice a month, it will prepares you to carry greater weight and avoids injuries.

2. Flexible muscles of your back strongly:

     The missing piece of the puzzle when trying to increase the weights in your chest exercises are the muscles of your back top, without strong muscles in the upper part of the back, it is difficult or impossible to install heavyweight during  the back muscles regularly will give you enthusiasm in the chest exercise and makes it the most powerful and largest .
Be sure to exercise that bar and drag exercises with weights rep increase of not less than 8 occurrences in the group, it will help you get the muscles strong and a huge chest.

3. The power fist:

    Question might hesitate in your mind now, what is the relationship grip and influence in the chest exercises? The answer is more than you expect,
bear more fuit by providing greater stability in the wrist and forearm, weak  make you less control over the bar, and this is of course something annoying, especially if you raise the big weights, keeping your wrists strong helps you keep the proper in Exercise, and their exercise is a major factor in increasing  in all exercises and not just the chest.

Keep these three tips when you are going to exercise the muscles of your chest, and the results will be quick