Tips to inflate the shoulder muscle

1) flexible shoulders in the first training
- Regardless of any of the muscles that will be trained on that day, that you are training
Shoulder muscles, first you try to improve their situation
2) flexible shoulders twice a week, but by less
- Usually the players bodybuilding training every part of once a week, a strategy model for the growth of the total body.
But in order to increase the growth of a particular part you have to Pettmrene twice a week, while reducing the amount of training is simple at each meeting to avoid excessive training problems.

3) focused on the place of weakness
- think in the designated part of your body is trying to encourage. For example, if you are experiencing weakness in the rear part of the deltoid (shoulder) muscle it you have to concentrate very well how to make them participate in exercise while you train muscles in the shoulder year.

4) the development of the relationship between mind and muscle
- As we know the weight stimulates growth, but it must be used more effectively to develop a certain part of the body, and to encourage the relationship between mind and muscle, you will overcome the shoulder problems have better, and this is the key: - Never think of weight, but always focused on diastole and contractility target. This is the essence of the relationship between mind and muscle.

5) Use heavy weights with fewer exercises
- Heavy weights to stimulate growth are better than small weights with a greater number of times, and as long as you have developed a relationship of the mind it is sufficient muscle from 6 to 8 trucks in all Tmarenp build muscle you make.

6) you have to take shorter periods of rest during training
- Usually the players bodybuilding mistake comfort for long periods among all Tmrienten. Try to reduce rest periods to about two minutes between each Tmrienten, really you will not be able to use more weights or do more Baadat but will be a stimulus to the total target muscles better.

7) Focus on eating proper nutrition before shoulder training
- Eat a big breakfast, taking supplements, eating a lot of water, eat a mixture of carbohydrates and Albertine before the training, if you have an abundance of calories in your body early on in training, you will have more energy during the training in addition to, these nutrients will help to repair and build muscle composition after you exercise.
Proper nutrition before exercise can be evaluated by observing conduct training well