noir Build muscle Gym: 4 plan to burn fat for high density Build muscle Gym Build muscle Gym: 4 plan to burn fat for high density

4 plan to burn fat for high density

                                                 4 plan to burn fat  for high density

                                                 Exercises to burn fat, high density

   The high density of the best exercises that can work through it to burn fat fast exercises, with the approach of the summer remains the biggest challenge to burn fat and get the body willowy athlete with high fitness.

Here are four points to help you make the transition from body to body dry stage sporting sense.

   HIT exercises which is a circular group exercises with high intensity work to burn fat, and can be applied through the Smith machine exercises Squatting from 10:15 recurrence (10 seconds rest, exercises lunges repeat of the 10:15 time (10 seconds rest), push-ups Repeat on the shoulders of the 10:15 time (10 seconds rest) exercises

   Biceps repeat of the 10:15 time (10 seconds rest).

  Circular exercises Tabata: It is a fast routine depends on intensive exercises for 4 minutes with the rest 10 seconds, repeat 7 times, and I found a study conducted by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata that high-density training helps to improve Vo2 consumed 14% of oxygen, and improves aerobic capacity by 28%, with burn more fat.

      Exercises hierarchical: a training depends on the sequence of force ascending, identifying duplicates rising gradually working to promote size and strength, repeating the 12:16 time in the case of light-weight, and 10:12 time in the average weight, and 4: 6 heavyweight .

      PHA circle: a system that depends on the blood circulation throughout the body, including those squat exercises with 10 occurrences, military pressure by repeating 10 times exercises, weightlifting exercises repeated 10 times, with the repetition of the circuit 5 times