noir Build muscle Gym: Burn fat and gain muscle .. How can you have both together? Build muscle Gym Build muscle Gym: Burn fat and gain muscle .. How can you have both together?

Burn fat and gain muscle .. How can you have both together?

                         Burn fat and gain muscle .. How can you have both together?

     Showed many studies show that people medicine healthy eating plan and adapted sports program for a few months could reduce the mass of dr hun in body and increased muscle mass in that period; that is why it is advisable to increase the Muscular mass in order to accelerate the combustion process dr hun, excess calories, even at rest.

     The reason for this recommendation, when practicing the exercises of low to medium stress, Dr. Hun be the main source of energy, as the proportion of your muscles more, I would like calories burned hun more , This is closely related to basal metabolic average.

     It should be emphasized shown here, plus there was a bigger person and he gained weight most was the speed to burn dr hun and gain more muscle, in terms not the right to possess a moderate amount of fat initially, he believes that relatively less remarkable results.

First, the training plans:

     And which are intended to stimulate the strengthening and increasing your muscle not touch, as well as more burning dr hun, you must apply a combination of my strength exercises and drawing exercises of debt, taking Consider the following strategies to develop a plan for your training. Best results:

    A number of repetitions and weight: Mars, the average number of training especially, 6-12 times, known for susan up in 55% to 85% (more weight than you can bear or pay ten mainly DC in a year to run the pressure on the chest, or thigh exercise to pay).

    Repetition training: Let 48 to 72 hours between training sessions of force each muscle group, which formed without sufficient rest periods, it can not learn the muscle recovery and peacebuilding new fabrics.

    Rest between exercises: You can increase the level of growth hormones, in addition to the items mentioned above, through letting short periods of rest between results one year to the next.

    Animated Debt: The practice of 20 to 40 minutes of drawing exercises of debt (breathing exercises), three times a week, perfect for burning more calories, improve the delivery of oxygen and nutritional elements fabrics, and assistance in the process of regeneration of tissue strength exercises.

Second of healthy nutrition

    No terms of healthy, balanced nutrition and carefully designed, would not stimulate building muscle and burning dr hun, even if I have to exert a great exercise program to achieve this, we are adopting demonized zigzag back into your diet. . because the traditional method of reducing the total amount of calories and based on the removal of the same amount of calories per day will help you burn dr hun (the process of demolition) but leave the field of muscle building (there This is a consolidation process requires energy), this mode zigzag, your mother you of this.

    It's about the quantity, in terms of quality; apples standby to cover all food groups in your lunch to provide nutrients necessary to build muscle, with the reduction in the consumption of sources of fat and simple carbohydrates in your food.

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