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How to build muscle fast 100%

   How to build muscle fast

For distinctive muscles and perfect body supply for you, dear reader, some of the things that matter in the way and manner of building muscle

Must continue to build muscle more a day or replicated on most days of the week exercises, taking into account the Getting Started exercise warm-up and the beginning, and then increase the load gradually so as to gain muscle strong tissue and become stronger, so you, dear reader, do forcing the muscle on the progress and growth gradually until increase her strength, and increase the load you have to increase the resistance, which increases by a lot of exercise and increase the weights

Be sure to exercise a little repetition, which would increase the load on the muscle simultaneously resulting in extra effort to address the reality on the muscle by stimulating fibers, has been shown that the ideal number of repeat each group is from four to six times per exercise

How do you know the ideal weight

If you can bear the weight six times, then the weight is light, but if you can not do by lifting only four times shall be deemed timely heavy, therefore, the low level of exercise is one of the four to six for heavy weights

Quality ExerciseNo secret lies in building muscle on the number of times the performance of the exercise, but lies in the quality of its quality, increase in exercise does not mean better, but the quality is the most important

The number of times the range performance of exercises to practice one between visits to three, depending on the order of exercises. Upon completion of the warm-up, will be a number three times the performance of exercise on most, and some exercises once or twice is not more

If you, for example, we perform exercises for the arm or thigh muscle, we must begin warm-up and then we take two sets of powerful exercises, with four to six times. This will make the effective exercise the muscles are ready to resist, and so can continue to the next exercise.
">Then it is beyond just doing lifting weights or performing the exercises high effort for a long time, but only to do little but hard center.

Protein and carbohydrates to build muscle

Eating carbohydrates and protein immediately after lifting weights, some kind of refueling muscle, so you need to plan your day and your diet gradually so as to ensure access to the protein during the forty-five minutes after you lift weights news, it should be mentioned that if the absence of food component, the muscle will not grow and will not reap much of the required results