7 Tips accelerate fat burning

                                                  7 Tips accelerate fat burning

      You can through some of the dietary habits of accelerating metabolic processes, thereby increasing conversion of food into energy by following process steps:

1) more water: you eat eight cups of water a day where that water is essential to the body can burn calories effectively.

2) avoid reduce the number of calories: less than 1,000 calories per day will lead to the opposite result where given signal to the brain that the body in the event of deprivation of food, which paid to food storage and thus slow down the burning process.

3) carbohydrate intake: It gives a signal to the brain of satiety, which leads to eating less food after that, studies show that the body burns 25% of calories from carbohydrates with is burned only 3% of the calories from fat intake and are stored the rest of calories on the form of fat.

4) Stop eating after the eighth: which gives the body the opportunity to burn what eating food

5) dealt with a larger number of small meals: It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and provide a steady source to supply the necessary energy for the process of burning the body.

6) interest in eating breakfast: where the body needs to be supplied with food deprivation after a long period ranging from 8-10 hours (representing hours of sleep), and any extension of this period to keep the body paid with his stock of food instead of burning it.

7) eating proteins: the greater the amount of protein you eat the higher the amount of calories burned by the body at all times, and this is due to that increase muscle net weight in the body, which is known (Lean muscle) is working to accelerate the burn at all times, both while doing workout.