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Benefits and damage dietary supplements

Benefits and damage dietary supplements

        Yes it is true can nutritional supplements accelerate the growth process and sculpt muscles, allowing to achieve your goals quickly, but in return is also not without side effects, which vary depending on the people, the type of CMOS, how to use and other variables under study, and to this day
For this I recommend you always consult your doctor before taking any complementary as you must know the components that go into the composition of how to use it, the suspended eat ... etc. In this issue I will mention a range of benefits to be reaped through the intake of nutritional supplements in addition to the side effects that may make you and in the latter course is to judge you and the decision-maker.

Increase muscle strength

Studies and research suggests that some dietary supplements increase the muscle strength, a study from the Journal study strength and muscle structure in 2003 confirmed (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) that creatine supplementation can increase significantly if the muscle strength It has been addressed after weight lifting.

Increase muscle mass

Bodybuilding or weight lifting stimulate muscle growth, but the process is impossible if the necessary elements that you need the muscles are not available. Another study conducted in 2010 entitled nutrition and metabolism (Nutrition & Metabolism) showed that whey protein, or what is known as Wi-protein (whey protein) is of great importance in increasing the size of the muscle after training.

Accelerate fat burning

Many dietary supplements contain muscle with branching chains of amino acids. Security acids are the item that is the protein necessary to build muscle. March noted a report from the Journal of Sports Medicine and Fitness (Nutrition & Metabolism) that taking the amino acids with branching chains contribute to increased oxidation or burning fat when combined with bodybuilding.

Stimulate blood circulation

Special supplements that contain a substance arginine (arginine) supplements such as pre-training (preworkout supplement). This article stimulate the secretion of nitric oxide, which in turn helps improve blood flow to the muscles, making it easier to navigate the necessary nutrients for muscle during exercise standing, significantly.

Digestive problems

Some lotions consumption may cause problems in the Digestive tract. For example, creatine, which enters in many of the components of dietary supplements may cause diarrhea . In addition, if you have sensitive to lactose, may be exposed to swelling, nausea, or some convulsions when using proteins of animal origin such as Wi protein.


Many manufacturers of food supplements combine creatine and caffeine when its products manufacturing and this in order to get more energy help you increase the intensity of workouts in the gym, but in return regular use and frequent products that contain caffeine can cause insomnia and sleep disorders. On the other hand, he emphasized the University Center of Maryland (University of Maryland Medical Center) that supplements that combines creatine and caffeine can increase the risk of dehydration.

Kidney disease

Creatine is considered one of the most popular muscle supplements because of its positive effect on increasing muscle size support research and studies in addition to its low price, but unfortunately it comes with some side effects. A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Fitness (Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness) in March 2001 that the excessive use of creatine cause long-term kidney problems