How do you get the muscles of the back stroge

                                   How do you get the muscles of the back strong

     At the beginning of any calisthenics program, often the focus is on highlighting the abdominal muscles, and enlarge becips, but often forget or ignore the exercise back muscles. But if you're trying to flatten your body and get to the level of integrated fitness; you attention and focus on training the muscles of your back.

If not get on the back of attractive and harmonious one of the fundamental goals of the training, consider the benefits that will have them when you own a strong and solid you can do to the back of the performance of daily tasks without fatigue or pain.

If you suffer from pain and back problems, preferably consult your doctor before starting to perform the following exercises table, or try the performance of these exercises that help to ease back pain.

Important things in the training of the back muscles

Core muscles, which cover the large area of ​​your back are the latissimus dorsi muscle (Lats) and muscle similarities perverted (Trapz), in addition to the smaller muscles help the larger muscles in their work.

Latissimus dorsi muscle extending from the upper arm to the lower back muscle, this muscle works when lead movement pulls the arm down toward the pelvis.

Muscle similarities perverted extends from the bottom of the neck to the middle of the back so that looks like a kite shape form, this muscle works when you drag or carry things.

In order to see the remarkable results in the form of the muscles of your back, you have to exercise exercises that target these muscles