What is the difference between bodybuilders and fitness players

       At first glance we note that the only difference is the size of the body, the bodies of bodybuilders be Bruisers and bigger bodies reverse fitness that you will be beautiful and their bodies small (compared to my players bodybuilding) and carved well. But this is not the only difference, there are several other differences, but before entering these differences let us first know what do you mean bodybuilding and what do you mean fitness.

Bodybuilding: Is the construction of the body in order to get the maximum magnitude of by exercise my lunch and followers of a particular system and follow some medicines and steroids

fitness : is divided into two types, or rather two definitions. General definition: and is a technique or method followed by people in order to obtain Fitness & Health

The private and definition that interests us: is a set of exercises and cardio exercise iron in a certain way with specific Frequencies and follow my lunch program (diet)

Closing some of the definition are going to the most important and the most important differences:

Steroids: This word is a fundamental difference, I might say that I'm working body bodybuilding through years of practice and eat lunch rich in fat and protein and carbohydrates. However, it will not reach the body without doping. Bodybuilders, all of them taking steroids, but they do not recognize the thing and vice versa fitness players do not take steroids and supplements satisfied only nutrition. And both care about nutrition.

 Cardio exercises: where by bodybuilders for more than half an hour it does not exceed so as not to lose the fat and for the players fitness can be lengthened duration to two hours because it wants to get rid of more amount of fat.

For bodybuilders: Those are their lives and is their job to understand living of bodybuilding you will find them and agent regulate their eating times and rehearsed and time taken it Doping means these people their future bodybuilding and it does not apply to players fitness enough rehearsed for an hour to an hour and half a day and eating healthy foods with dietary supplements enough for him

fitness : follow the diet throughout the year for publicity and advertising because this body attracts attention either for bodybuilders, there are period its name Off Seasons this period addresses where all the foods in order to get as much as possible from the fat and the period of its name Ooov Seasons this period permanently refrain where from eating any foods containing fat and be competitions before the duration of one to two months of this period they are under medical supervision because they can kill a player