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who builds muscle the fastest ?

                                      Protein powder is not magic . Protein powder is not steroids .

          You don’t need protein powder unless you are a vegetarian  because you can get all the high quality protein you need by eating chicken, fish, beef and pork.

          If you are a meat eater, real food builds muscle just as quickly as protein powder. Protein powder is simply a more convenient way to get your protein than having to carry around a Tupperware with grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli in it.

         The protein powder business is a big money and the marketing folks make all kinds of impressive sounding stuff up to make you buy their product over their competitors. Again, please read The Truth About Whey. Basically there are two ways the quality of protein can be ruined, the first is high temperatures and the second is extremes in PH. The reason I dont recommend anything with ion-exchange whey in it is that it is exposed to extremes in (ph).

         Any protein powder that is concentrated by using filtration is done at a neutral (ph) and at temperatures low enough that the protein remains unharmed. The marketing people have wars about whose filtration method is better but in my book, all filtered products are of the same high quality. Again, dont be swayed by any claims of 'scientific' superiority, trademarked processes, or fancy marketing terms.