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Bodybuilding : 5 Day a week Workout Routine For Beginners

      5 Day Beginner Workout Routine

This is a 5 day workout routine designed for beginners. The purpose for this 5 day full body split is to ensure that :

1--You focus all of your energy and effort on one main muscle group per session
2--Allow for maximum rest and recovery periods for each muscle group
3--Train each body part once per week
4--Cut down on session training time

Although the workout is designed for beginners it will allow for more training flexibility in terms of exercise selection and repetition/set schemes. The important thing to remember is that this schedule will allow ample rest and recovery time between direct and indirect muscle groups.

Here is the training sequence :

Day 1 : Shoulders / Traps
Day 2 : Legs / Abs
Day 3 : Back
Day 4: Chest / Triceps
Day 5 : Biceps / Forearms / Abs)
Day 6 : Cardio
Day 7 : Rest 

                                                          Workout Points

Duration : 8 to 12 weeks

Goal : 
To build additional strength levels and allow for maximum muscle rest and recovery periods for deeper levels of muscle development.
Method : 5 workouts weekly with one main muscle group trained at each session.
Cardio to be performed at the end of each workout and once on a non workout day.

Push/pull principle will allow muscles additional rest and recovery. Mid to high repetition ranges to ensure full muscle stimulation.

Uses a spill over technique to ensure that each muscle group is worked once directly and once indirectly.

3 sets for each exercise including one warm up.

Notes :
Weight Increments: Once you are able to complete all repetitions on your last set (unassisted), increase the weight by 10% to 15% for your next workout for the same exercise.
Rest: As indicated below, rest the recommended time in between sets. Once an exercise is complete, immediately set up and perform the next exercise.

Water : 
Ensure you drink at least 2 cups of water before your workout and 3 during and another 2 afterwards in order to keep the muscles hydrated and working at optimal levels.

                          The Workout

Try and give this routine for 8 to 12 weeks. This workout will provide you with enough muscle stimulation for further strength and muscle gains.