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BEST 4 Exercises For Exploding BICEPS


Biceps are one of the top muscles that people want to have bulging and flexing at all times. It’s one of the main muscles that people can always see so when you catch someone checking them out, you can wink and give a little nod of satisfaction.

To help you get those massive biceps that you crave or maybe just to help you make them a little bigger than they already are here is our list of the top five exercises to boost bicep mass.


If you do this exercise while sitting, you will strongly prevent the amount of moment that goes into the execution of the exercise – one again isolating and emphasizing the bicep muscle (getting the point yet?).

While holding your upper arm stationary, curl the weight forward while contracting the biceps. Make sure only the forearms move. Continue this movement until the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Then slowly return to the original position


Preacher curls are a fantastic exercise to help boost the building of muscle mass in your biceps. This exercise isolates your biceps allowing for full range of motion without the additional involvement of your shoulder muscles thus maximizing work done to your biceps.

Simply sit on a preacher bench and rest the back of your arms on the pad. Adjust the seat so that your armpits are in line with the top of the pad. Grab onto the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and palms facing outward then start to curl.


Cable curls are an excellent way to take care of that deep tissue muscle fiber. Because of the constant tension from the cable hitting that area of your biceps is a perfect way to really bulk up those muscles as you train. You can also use a rope attachment to mix up the workout and really maximize how you pump your arms up.

Make sure to slightly bend your knees to take the stress off of your back. Curl and bring your hands towards your shoulders until you reach maximum contraction of the biceps. Then slowly return to the original position.


The classic and king to bulking up your biceps. The key to this exercise is to make sure you get the full range of motion and don’t let momentum cause you to lean back as you lift. This common mistake will prevent the biceps from truly getting the workout you want them to have. Barbell curls will allow you to lift much more weight than many of the other exercises we put on the list  allowing you to really power up those biceps with this exercise.

While standing, hold the barbell at shoulder width grip. Palms facing forward and elbows close to the torso. Curl the weights up until shoulder level and then slowly lower the bar back down to original position. Easy as pie.

Between these 4 exercises you should already be on the path to truly mammoth biceps. Once you start to notice the difference feel free to show them off. Find any excuse to show off those arms you worked so hard for.