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The Complete Guide for a Massive Chest - For Bodybuilding & Fitness

By : BuildmuscleGym 

It is often said that there is no substitute to hard work until you realise that yes there is a smart way possible to process the work. However, even in order to device the strategy of the smart work, one has to undergo a long series of hard work. But that someone is not you! If some fitness expert has already formulated an effective exercise in order to develop a massive chest, then why should you unnecessarily resort to additional amount of hard work behind it? Diligence pertaining to exercise is very crucial but it proves to be futile if not applied in the right direction. Thereby, we’ll help you build a tough & colossal chest with the help of some operative guidelines.

There have been some conventional routines over the years which do work to some extent but yes eventually they do hit a flat terrain with no growth potential. Whenever you exercise, the graph of your body toning must be an exponential, in the case of the traditional procedures conversely, the graph becomes stagnant after a while. Thereby, following are some of the characteristic routines for upper, lower & middle chest which are must dos if you wish to grow a great chest.

Upper part of Chest

If you fail to follow a certain protocol with respect to chest workouts, then in due course you may form deficiencies in your upper pecs of the chest which in order to recuperate, you must undergo a rigorous amount of training again. So in order to avoid this long route, the shortcut is to have recourse to a standard procedure of accurate training. So essentially what is the first step towards building a great upper chest? Planning the exercise wisely! The first thing to target can be the multi-joint movement wherein you replace the flat bench workout with an incline bench press. Steering this action on the very first day marks a really good start.

It’s when you climb the K2; you realise that you are ready to climb the Mount Everest as well. Likewise, once you’re comfortable and stronger with inclines, you can move forward to heavier weights. After all, improvement is defined by the ability to perform more than you used perform earlier. If you customarily perform sets of 8-10 with inclines, it is further recommended to embark upon a set or two post warming up) for 6-8 reps in order to make the fibres more vigorous. Making use of both dumbbells and barbells prove to be in effect over here having its own benefits.

Secondly, it is advised that you lose the distinctive 45 degree angle of the bench which has turned into more or less a theorem for a chest workout. There is nothing wrong with this angle as such but nowhere in the textbooks is it written that this angle is the only effective bench angle to develop fine upper pecs. As a matter of fact, you’ll get superior upper chest improvement as a whole when you modify the angles and try out different bench positions. Also remember, if you wish to augment muscle growth, you simply cannot be anxious over muscle failures. Suddenly dropping a weight once you touch 10 reps, whereas you could’ve completed 1-5 more reps, is not a sign of doing a true set of 10.

Middle part of the chest

It is observed that wannabe guys get gathered in the inducement to showcase it to the world as to how much weight they can press, rather than focusing on an appropriate growth of muscles. It is said that the middle chest workout is dominantly stirred from drills performed on a flat bench. To place a simple example in front of you all – flat barbell and dumbbell bench press or flat dumbbell flyes are wise practices for the middle chest development.

Heard of push-ups right? Some say that it is a standard modus operandi done by men in order to impress women; but let me remind you that do not let the women be the focus area. If you take care of your batting while playing cricket, the runs will take care of themselves. Likewise, if you put proper emphasis on building a good middle chest, the women will get attracted by themselves.
The eminent modes of workout here comprise of barbell flat bench press with a medium grip having to do around 3 sets of 4-5 reps; next is flat dumbbell press, 3 sets of 8 reps; Dumbbell flyes, 3 sets of 8-12 reps and lastly are the prominent push-ups, 3 sets of 12 reps.

Lower Part of Chest

This part is somewhere a difficult region to build for an individual; although that was the case a decade ago. Why because all of a sudden mysterious workout technology has arrived? No! Only the approach towards the same has tilted a little. A ship in the harbour is safe but that is not what ships are built for right? Accordingly if one has to develop a great lower chest, they have to move out of their comfort zone and begin following the following strategies.

By making use of a decline bench instead of a flat bench, one can alter more of the workout focus towards the lower area of the chest. The isometrics is still executed by means of dumbbells or a barbell and the rudimentary actions of the workout do not change drastically either. The fundamental variance is the locus of your body, as your head is presently lower than your legs. It certainly won’t happen smoothly overnight and may take approximately 4-5 workouts more in becoming acquainted with carrying out the decline bench press. Please take a note of it that lighter weights must be utilised till you think you are fully prepared to lift some heavier ones. At the end, safety comes first.

So in future if someone asks you how they have developed a massive chest with so many years of hard work; you can simply flaunt your own chest by stating “Been there, done that! And done it in a more effective manner; thank you”.