Tips To Build Big Arms - Diet & Workout

Tips To build bigger Arms - Men's Bodybuilding

Best Tips To Bigger Arms

If someone asks men, what part of their upper body would they want to make tougher and bigger, instant answer would be “bigger arms”,. Also coincidentally that is one part that women get attracted to quickly. Furthermore, owing to stronger and bigger arms, women feel a sense of security around such men. They know that they will be protected. So isn’t it time to buckle up and start building superior biceps and triceps? Here are some of the techniques you can adapt in order to do so.

1. Diet

It is common knowledge that in order to enhance your arm muscles, you have to train vigorously non-stop. This cannot be stated as completely true however, training hard is important but eating right is equally significant. Therefore ensure that your daily diet comprises of the following constituents:

Protein intake – Consumption of protein in each meal and targeting for minimum 25 grams of protein per meal is adequate. The prime sources of proteins are meat, fish, beans, eggs and of course dairy products.

 Why protein? It supports in the acceleration of your muscles growth and also helps in speeding up the regaining stage so you can exercise and develop them again.

Complex carbohydrates – You must switch to complex carbohydrates that are whole grain breads, rice and oats, while sidestepping simple carbs like sugar and aerated beverages.
Why complex carbs? Because they fuel the body with energy during strength exercise!

Fats – It is better to start eating up good fats present in olive oil, peanut butter & fish and run away from vegetable oils, animal fats & butter, with the purpose of building muscles.
Why Fats? Fats contribute in hormone production with a protein-sparing effect. This indicates that the body spends the fats for energy prior to protein and burns fat first, which saves protein for muscle growth.

2. Train Smart

If you want bigger arms, no one is handing them to you right away; you have to earn it. Thereby get used to smart training workouts in order to develop the dream muscles that you have been wishing for. Here are the suggested strength exercises:

Standing Barbell Curls – You can either opt for 3 sets of 4 sets here. In the first, perform 10-12 reps with shoulder width grip; likewise in the third set but just 5-8 reps. In the second and fourth set, perform close grip wherein second set is 8-10 reps and in the fourth set drop nearly 35% of weight.

Dumbbell Curls – Perform this curls again with four sets starting with 10-12 reps in the first and reducing the number till the fourth set. Each set of dumbbell curls has to be done by alternating each side.

Triceps pushdown – The mechanism is same as that of standing barbell curls; however each set here is close grip. Don’t forget to reduce 35% of weight during fourth set

Dips – This workout is of course the final one in the process and each set has to be performed until failure (with no particular number of reps). And shoulder width grip has to be maintained in every set.

3. Pull Ups

So with the intention to grow bigger arms, you cannot give up but yes you do need to pull up. It is widely known that pull ups provide enhancement in your biceps. And in case you’re wondering how then this is how:

Underhand pull up – This pull up must be carried out with underhand grip so as you space out your hands shoulder width apart. Pull your body upwards by means of your arms until your chin has reached above the bar. After this point, slowly move down to full extension.

Neutral grip pull up – This not only shapes up your biceps but also has an impact on the Brachialis. Turn your hands so has to make your palms face each other and ensure that the pull bar has proper hand attachments. Initially hang your body at full extension and then pull yourself up thereby contracting your biceps and brachialis; keep pulling till nose reaches the height and then relax and move down.

Partial pull up – This type is for the biceps as well but it limits the range of motion. This is the kind of pull up exercise which is faster in action compared to the previous ones. Let your arms form 90 degree angles at elbow joints and perform the same action like the earlier two pull ups.

4. Heavy Biceps Workout

The brachialis and brachioradialis muscles, which support in activating the elbow joint, also enhance the size and shape of the pipes. However, it costs a slight additional action to get them to develop. Simply follow these 5 types of heavy biceps exercises:

Hammer Curl – Perform four sets of 12 reps and approximately 90 seconds each.

Cable biceps curl – Adjust the cable machine with straight bar attachment. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps for nearby 90 seconds.

Preacher curl – Carry out two sets of 12 reps for a time of 90 seconds.

Barbell biceps curl – Carry out four sets of 8 reps each for a period of two minutes instead of the initial exercises of 90 seconds.

Seated dumbbell biceps curl – Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each and for 90 seconds.

5. Compound Exercise Movements

Implementing the same actions again and again won’t cause a faster growth in your arms. Instead you need to perform exercises of variety. Following are some options to go for:

Focus on basics – The finest compound exercises for biceps include bent over rows, horizontal rows, pull-ups, and pull-downs. These are ensured to primarily impact the back muscles, but will likewise get the bicep muscles function strong.

Incline bench for maximum muscle contraction – By changing your curls to an incline bench, you will limit other muscle groups from facilitating the curl to weight up, letting yourself to perceive far better outcomes with your bicep exercise.

Use drop-supersets – As a final point, if you’d like to actually make available the strength with your bicep drill, think through about using drop-supersets near to the end of the workout.