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How Much Body Fat Do You Need to Lose to Get Those Abs Out?

How Much of Body Fat you Should Lose to Make your ABS Visible???

Many times we’ve been asked, “what should your body fat percentage be to see those abs?”

Men hold most of their fat in the abdomen. You cannot spot reduce body fat and the only way to shed it is to reduce your overall body fat. Well, having those six pack abs with a defined V line are surely the hallmark sign of an aesthetic physique. But what’s the fat percentage you need to need for all that visual abdominal goodness?

Generally, at 15% body, the upper two abs would be visible but not the bottom ones. Push it a little hard and trim about three or four more percent and you have your six pack visible.

With body fat percentage from 6 to 13%, you will definitely have a six pack along with being totally ripped.

The big question here is how lean must you be to get those abs? Below are three core factors that play a vital role in body fat percentage.

1. Abdominal Genetics

The looks and layout of your abs are dependent on their genetics. For example, one may have naturally looking blockier abs while the other would have less conspicuous ab development. Similarly, if someone has smaller intercostals, they will not show. Moreover, they will need to have a lower body fat.

The layout of the abs is also important; some individuals have staggered abs, and some have perfectly lined up abs. Furthermore, some people also have the capacity to create a whole eight pack and others may only have four or six at a low body fat percentage.

However, this is something not to be concerned with. Don’t worry if your abs are staggered it is a natural process. As long as they are visible, you should be satisfied.

2. Body Fat Distribution

The second important factor is body fat percentage, and every person has a different one. Like we discussed with the abs genetics, here too, the shedding of fat from different areas will vary. For example, you may lean out on your arms, legs, and shoulders but you still have quite a bit of fat in the midsection. If this is the case, you have to get to 8-9% body fat for some great and well-defined abs.

Contrary to this, some guys lean down smoothly over the entire body, and this is what we call perfect ‘body fat distribution.’ Even at 11-13% of body fat, their abs will be visible.

If you manage to see your abs at 10% body fat, this would be perfect because maintaining a 10% fat percentage is far easier compared to 8-9%. Moreover, it is good for your health as well.

3. Training

The last factor is ab training. Forget the above two factors for a while. Training your abs the right way is also important. This makes them stronger, thicker and more visible. Though it is not easy in the beginning, the longer you train as for, the more likely you’ll be able to transition into doing advanced abs movements.

Abs don’t show up overnight  it takes years of training, sweat and hard work to develop super powerful abs

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