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Muscle-Day: Best Chest Supersets

Muscle-Day: Best Chest Supersets

Pump up your pecs the next time you train chest with these 5 supersets. Perform one of them as a finisher, or all 5 as a killer chest day workout routine!

There is a reason chest day typically comes on Monday.

It’s the first day of the new week and you’re pumped to get back to lifting the iron.

You have the most energy and having a great chest workout is a great way to start a week on the right foot.

The only thing better than a great chest workout is one that saves time which is why we should all appreciate supersets.

You’re able to knock out two sets in one and save time.

Another advantage to them is they take the intensity to a new level which means greater opportunity for you to grow when you recover.

So let’s save the chit-chat and get right into this 5 superset plan 

About the Workout in General

What you’ll notice is that all the supersets have a press exercise and fly movement included. What will differ is that sometimes the press comes first and at other times the fly movement comes first. This is because we want to shock the pecs.

This workout also starts with free weights and transitions into machine and bodyweight work. When you’re strongest free weights can be your best friend but near the end machines can keep the intensity and focus on the muscles high.

As with supersets in general, you will not rest between the two exercises during the superset and rest for no more than 60 seconds between supersets.

Muscle-Day: Best Chest Supersets

Warm Up and Prepare Properly

This doesn’t simply mean do those simple rotator cuff exercises and stretch. Where the mind goes, the body follows. Get your head right before you start this.

Whatever work or commitments are ahead must wait. If you had a bad day before hitting the gym, this is your chance to unleash the beast. Go all in mentally so you can get everything out of this.

As for the physical part of it, remember that the shoulders, triceps, and elbows are a part of this too. Prepare them accordingly because they will be a part of this party.

Chest Superset 1: Incline Barbell Press & Incline Dumbbell Fly

No one has ever been knocked for having an upper chest that was too developed. So it makes sense to start with an incline pairing when you’re fresh and have the most energy. Barbells allow you to handle more volume which is why the incline barbell press is first.

As soon as you finish your presses, grab your dumbbells and knock out your incline flyes. You might have to adjust the seat on your bench so you don’t hit the barbell or if you must, use a different bench. If you opt for the second bench, use a lower setting to train the pecs from a different angle.

The weight goes up as the reps go down. Keep in mind that since you’re training with more intensity that you might not be as strong on these exercises as you would be doing them on their own. Adjust accordingly so you minimize the risk of injury.

Perform 3 rounds of this superset and perform 10, 8, 6 reps of each exercise.

Chest Superset 2: Flat Dumbbell Fly & Flat Dumbbell Press

Now we’re going with a flat angle pairing. Grab one pair of dumbbells and make your way to the bench. Start with flyes so we can get a good stretch at the bottom and prepare those pec fibers to make room for the blood you’ll pump into them with the presses.

When you reach the 10th rep of the flys, start doing your presses with the same weight. Focus on contracting the chest at the top of the press. Remember not to lock out your elbows to prevent the triceps from taking over. Do a second set this same way.

For your third round of these, take them to absolute failure. If you get more than 10 reps, great but if you get more than 15 you went too light. If you don’t get 10 reps, no worries.

Upon failure with the flyes, knock out as many presses as possible. When you can no longer perform a full rep with decent form, have a partner help you knock out a couple more. Once he or she is doing more work than you, you’re done.

Chest Superset 3: Standing Plate Press & Body Suspension Fly

This one is going to be different than typical supersets for two reasons. First, you’re going to use time under tension so the set will be determined by time instead of counting reps. Second, you’re going to use non-traditional exercises.

First is standing plate presses which calls for you to hold two small plates together like 5’s or 10’s. Stand with them squeezed together between your hands and press them straight out in front of you. Squeeze the pecs while you do this. Slowly bring them back to your chest and repeat. Do this for 30 seconds. Don’t even count reps; just go.

Once that time passes, take a body suspension training band and do bodyweight flys from them. If your gym doesn’t have these, use a resistance band and perform standing flys for now until you can get your own. Once again, do this for 30 seconds and this concludes your superset. Perform 3 supersets of 30 seconds here.

Chest Superset 4: Pec Deck & Seated Chest Press

So hopefully at this point weight and strength isn’t as important to you because it’s later in the workout and the goal is to tear down the fibers. So we’re going to shift to machines now. They will help you isolate the muscles and get quality reps in while keeping the risk of injury low.

The pec deck is great for this. Make sure you focus on working your chest instead of bringing the handles together. Those of you that have been doing this for a while know why I say that.

Once you finish there, go to a machine press and preferably one that is seated. Pressing horizontally can help save your shoulders while working the chest. Remember to keep the shoulder blades together and stick that chest out as far as possible.

Perform 3 supersets of 12 reps for this pair to really feel a burn.

Chest Superset 5: Cable Crossover & Push Ups

We’re coming down the home stretch and the finish line is in sight. The big advantage to this finisher is that the transition from one exercise to the next is a bare minimum. If you’re at a cable crossover station then you can use the same space for the pushups.

At this stage of the game, that little time can make all the difference between an “ok” workout and an awesome workout. The cable crossover can be very effective for the lower pecs. The cables serve you because you’ll keep tension on the pecs throughout the entire set since the weights on the pin can’t touch the rest of the stack.

Once you’re done here, hit the floor and knock out pushups. Once you can’t do full reps, do partials or put your knees on the floor. Your ego might not allow that in the moment but think about the long game, the gains.

Push yourself here and you’ll see those results later when you’re having to buy new shirts because of how much you grew.