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Want Big Arms? Here How To Get Them

How To Get Big Arms Fast With Only Four Exercises

Having big arms or in other words, having big triceps and biceps is cool. Let's face it they have always been cool. Every guy out there would like to have bigger arms because having bigger arms is like social status and it's supposed to prove something to other people. 

It seems like whatever kind of problem you're having in your life big arms will always make it better. I am just kidding, but I know you want bigger arms, otherwise, you wouldn't be on this article. So without further adieu let's started.

Triceps Push-downs:

You could do triceps pushdowns with a variety of grips and with a variety of equipment such as the rope or with the straight bar. The choice is really up to you. Remember to keep your elbows in when doing this exercise. Keep the form picture perfect and always go to complete muscular failure.

Straight Bar Curls:

There's something about straight bar curls that make your biceps fill with blood and just grow and grow in size and muscle mass. If you have ever done straight bar curls you will know what I mean.

However, to increase the intensity of this particular exercise I recommend you get yourself a spotter so they could help you with forced reps. Also, you could do negative reps and partial reps as well. One last thing remember to take each set to complete muscular failure both positively and negatively.

Bicep Machine Curls:

With bicep machine curls you could completely kill your biceps. In a good way that is. Have your training partner help you with forced negatives when you fail completely positively. This will hurt a lot but in the end, it's worth every second of it, since your biceps will grow in terms of muscle mass gained. Also, you will probably be very sore the next day too, just giving you a heads up.


I prefer to do my skull crushers with the EZ bar since I noticed it puts less strain on my elbows. You can do whatever you find most comfortable. You will also need a spotter on this exercise, just go to failure, there is no need to do forced reps and all of that since it is a very dangerous exercise to do.


Do you see a pattern here? All you need to do is four exercises for your arms and your workout should be done in thirty minutes. There is no need to do fifty million different exercises that target all the heads of the biceps and triceps. All you will need is four exercises that will push you to your breaking point. After that, you will simply go home, eat your six meals and recover your resources for the next very intense workout.