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Follow These Rules To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

Follow These 8 Rules When You’re Trying To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

When you’re too eager to shred some fat, there are many mistakes to be made. Instead of expecting fantastic results in no time and reaping only frustration, you’ll benefit more from being patient, realistic, and focused over a longer period of time. Here we have the 8 most important rules for bodybuilders on a weight-loss plan:

1. Adjust the diet to yourself

Never try to blindly follow what someone else is doing. Learn more about your own body and its functions and adjust the desired diet plan to your needs and possibilities.

2. Be patient and present changes gradually

This might as well get written in a stone: you won’t get instant results from any diet on the planet. Your body needs a few weeks to fully adjust to the new rules before they give visible results. Also, avoid making sudden changes that can drain you and enhance fat storage instead of fat loss. In order to make your weight-loss sustainable, make the planned dietary changes in a gradual manner, giving your body time to adapt.

3. Stay consistent

Irregular, random meals are your worst enemy. No matter what your final goal is, if you want continuous progress, make a plan and stick to it. Your body needs to adapt to a certain stable mode of functioning in order for your regime to really work its magic. You could stick to the traditional three meals per day or spread your food consumption all around the clock – whatever you decide, just avoid skipping meals.

4. Count calories

Keeping track of the caloric value of everything you eat can be of crucial importance for your progress, so no matter how annoying it seems to be, keep on counting until it becomes an unnoticeable habit.

5. Eat real and diverse food

As their name implies, supplements are meant to supplement your food consumption and not replace eating real food, so don’t rely on them to do wonders on their own.

Also, your body needs to get all nutrients available in nature, so don’t get stuck with eating one or two types of food all the time – no matter how much you enjoy your beef or how much you want to avoid carbs, for example, you’ll benefit much more from diverse, wholesome meals.

6. Don’t run away from fat

Healthy fats found in meat and fish should be a staple in any bodybuilder’s diet. Although it might sound logical to completely eliminate all fat from your food intake in order to burn more fat, this way of eating has actually been proven as damaging to both fat loss and muscle growth.

7. Prevent overeating

All of the people who try to follow a certain diet plan will experience a few slip-ups now and then, and that’s alright, but it doesn’t mean you should relax and leave room for continual mistakes. Overeating is one of the biggest problems here since it can reverse all the effects of your efforts, so in order to prevent it, make sure you’re eating regularly and your body isn’t starving for too long.

8. Don’t rely too much on the scale

The numbers on the scale shouldn’t be your only measure of progress – they’re not always real and definite, so pair them with photos. Also, getting too excited about a significant drop in numbers can lead to overeating in the next meals, so don’t get addicted to measuring your weight a hundred times per week and just stay focused on your goals.