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Bodybuilding Training For Chest and Biceps

Bodybuilding Training For Chest and Biceps

Add thickness to your chest and to your arms by using Jay Cutler's one-day split for a wider chest and massive biceps!

There are many effective ways to train for a thick, striated chest and sleeve-splitting arm development. But there's only one program that Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler uses to build his dominating chest and biceps. Outlined here for you is 2-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler's very own one-day split training program to build freaky muscle for a full, striated chest and skin-stretching arms as fast as possible!


This program will get you on the road to a massive chest and bigger, stronger arms that people will notice in the gym - or anywhere you go for that matter. If you want a wide, skin-stretching chest like Jay Cutler, you need to train like him. You'll split your workout so that you'll be training chest earlier in the day and then return in the evening to train your arms, just as Jay does.

With this program your chest and arms are going to grow like crazy. Each champion-caliber training session will exhaust your chest and arms completely, pumping them so full of blood that your muscles have no choice but to grow like a pro!

Your muscles will get annihilated from all possible angles and recruit all the muscle fibers you need to force more strength and inches onto your chest and arms in as little time as possible!

Follow Jay Cutler's Sandow-winning training program and you'll be guaranteed to blast your way to armor-plated pecs and freaky arms fast - just like Mr "O"!

Bodybuilding Training For Chest and Biceps

Bodybuilding Training For Chest and Biceps


It takes hard work to build an attention-grabbing chest and massive arms like the pros, but if you follow this program exactly, you'll be able to blast your way to an armor-plated chest and a pair of freaky arms that are inches thicker - just like Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler!