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The Most Effective Mass-Building Triceps Workout

The Most Effective Mass-Building Triceps Workout

One of the least thought muscles out of all by lifters at all times is the triceps. Be it building your body for an upcoming competition or to impress the chicks out there, people face problems when it comes to build massive triceps.

So which ones are the triceps?

Silly question for you potential body builders, but for the ones who are new to this, triceps is what they would want to know about when they are stepping into intense arm training. It goes clear without saying that just like the prefix Bi in biceps means the 2 muscles in it, the prefix Tri in triceps is for the 3 muscles in that arm that you want to pump to a 19 or 20.

When we go into the details of the structure of triceps, it is mainly divided into the Lateral, Medial and the Long head. Understand that your pushups involve a great amount of use of your triceps. That being the first use of triceps, under a more general use of them is when your arm is brought to the body helping in extending the elbow or straightening the hand.

So which exercises are the ones that make a triceps what you dream of?

No kidding but when we look into the exercises ranging from the basic to the most complex ones, triceps exercise consist of a never ending. Trust me if you start taking them up everyday, you will end up not repeating even one exercise throughout the year! Yes, that long is the list. But there are a few that go without doubt being one of the most effective ones. Lets take a look at a few of them below.


Number one on the list and the most effective one is the Bench Dips, essential and with an easy setup. Why they top the list is for the simple reason that they hit all three heads in a triceps at once giving you a boost in the muscles. Moreover unlike other exercises dips allows you to add weight to the session with the significance of the on going rule of more weights, more muscle gain.

The Most Effective Mass-Building Triceps Workout

Ways to perform:

Like mentioned earlier that the setup is quite simple. All you need is a dip bar and 2 flat benches. Place the bar between the 2 benches and keep the level of the triceps parallel to the floor. Now simply squeeze the triceps while going to the top allowing the boost to come onto them at the end of the workout session. The significance of this style allows the beginners to gain onto the starting stage of the triceps building process with ease and without much of a setup as you have already read. Furthermore the increase in the weight by adding a weight belt shall help increase the boost


The Most Effective Mass-Building Triceps Workout

Number two on the list comes the Closed grip bench press. Another simple and effective exercise, that caters to the 3 heads boosting them up with ease of the use. Without much hassles and the increasing ability to add weights as you perform it, this exercise helps gain the muscles growth.

Ways to perform:

Your hands should be closed on the weight bars, close enough so that they are half the distance of your chest, approximately 1 foot with the elbow tucked into your body as and when you make the progression in the workout. Now lower the bar and hold it in the position where the triceps are again parallel to the floor. After a second’s wait push back up to the normal position.


The Most Effective Mass-Building Triceps Workout

Another one of the finest exercises that not only goes by this name but also as the French Presses or the Lying Triceps. Whatsoever might they are called, they lead to be the finest one giving a boost to the long and medial heads.

Ways to perform:

Lie flat onto the bench and get the arms straight up pointing to the sky. Now keeping your upper arm perpendicular to the floor bring down the dumbbells or the weights slowly towards the face, which is why it is called the skull crusher. Bring back the arms to the normal position and repeat it following the step again.


One of the most recommended exercise sin all gyms and by all trainers is the pushdowns. Yes last of all the important ones but not the least, this exercise proves to be very effective on the run.

Ways to perform:

Like stated it is the most recommended exercises for the triceps, the pushdowns require you to grab any one of the bars, ropes etc. and pull it till lockdown. Now let the rope or bar come to the normal position and repeat. In order to make it more prominent, add weights thus resulting in a more boost in those triceps.

With the above-mentioned exercises the very own 3 muscles (triceps) shall help you bring the arm to the level you wanted. Remember, it is not just the 2 muscles you got to focus on all 5 of them.

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