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Guide Beginners : How Much Weight Should i Lift in First Time ?

Guide Beginners : How Much Weight Should i Lift in First Time ?

How Much Weight Should I Lift When Starting in the Gym?

One of the most common questions asked by anyone when first starting a weight training schedule is how much weight should be lifted to have a positive effect on the body. The answer to this question depends on what your goals are, but it is important in general not to lift too much as to cause injury and too little if you intend on building muscle. 

You see there are many other factors that come into play, and the answer isn’t clean cut and set in stone. Ever seen those guys at the gym lift weights that only superman can lift? Well if that’s your first observation then clearly you shouldn’t even attempt what they are doing!

It is widely recommended that when first starting to lift weights, you should start with very light weights with high repetitions. The reason for this is to train your muscles to get accustomed to the motion and use before attempting something slightly heavier with lower repetitions.

 Muscles grow through realising that something is expected of them, and this is accomplished through a gradual increase of resistance. If you are looking to tone your muscles then high reps with a low weight is all that is needed, but keep your workout time between 30-40 minutes maximum. 

With muscle building the process involves damaging your muscle fibers so your body knows to grow fibres stronger and thicker for the next time. As time goes on and you become more experienced in lifting weights you can aim for heavier weights to propel your muscle growth to new heights.

Guide Beginners : How Much Weight Should i Lift in First Time ?

I get the idea, but how much should I actually lift?

My personal opinion is that you should start by lifting a weight that is approximately seven to nine times comfortable with it becoming a slight challenge towards the last rep. If you cannot lift it nine times then clearly is too heavy, but if you find that you can do this for more than 3 sets then the truth is the opposite, too light. 

Aim to complete 3 sets of any exercise that eventually will leave your muscles feeling tired and strained. At the end of working a specific body part you should not be able to leave a thing, your body will feel so weak. At that point quit, and don’t go any further