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Muscle Day - Build Your Best Chest In Only 3 Tips

Muscle Day - Build Your Best Chest In Only 3 Tips

Best Chest Exercises – 3 Tips to a Better Chest

Summer is around the corner and many men want a chest to show off at the beach. There are many workouts to achieve a goal of having the best chest, but many of them are not effective. People need to know what best chest exercise are the ones that will really show their hard work. 

It is helpful to remember when you working out your chest to do variety of workouts instead of just doing one type of exercise. You want to target all the different parts of your chest which include upper and lower chest, and inner and outer chest. 

To achieve this goal, one can either workout with or without weights and it is really simple to follow. Below I will explain 2 solid great workouts for the chest, one requiring a dumbbell, and the second one which can be done without a dumbbell.

One easy chest workout is the dumbbell chest press exercise on a bench. You will need a dumbbell at a reasonable weight that is comfortable and feel on your upper pectoral muscles. Hold the dumbbells and begin at your shoulder height. 

Proceed with both hands up and vertical to the floor until your arms are fully extended over the head, but most importantly do not lock your elbows when you lift the dumbbells. When you return to back to the start position it is good practice to pause the motion. Repeat this workout for 12 reps and 3-4 sets.

Muscle Day - Build Your Best Chest In Only 3 Tips

An alternate chest workout which is as great as dumbbell chest press is the standard push-up. When performing a push-up it is very important the direction your elbows travel. 

Make sure that your elbows move away from your body to target your chest, but keep them close to your body. In addition, keep each hand just outside your shoulders, right behind where your shoulders line up and pointing straight ahead.

Lastly, when your done with these 2 simple chest workouts it is essential to rest. Rest is very important when trying to build muscle. When you begin to workout your muscles fibers tear and need to recover. 

Recovery allows your body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. Overall when engaging in exercises it causes changes in your body such as muscle tissue breakdown and the depletion of energy stores as well as fluid loss. If you do not allow your body to recover, there is an increased risk of injury and decreased athletic performance.