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Modern Bodybuilding Techniques : Nutrition and Workout Plan

Modern Bodybuilding Techniques : Nutrition and Workout Plan

The Ultimate Bodybuilding Diet: Nutrition and Workout Plan

When it comes to bodybuilding, nutrition is the fundamental you need to look forward to. Even the earliest bodybuilders had a keen eye on nutrition, which plays a key role in the development of body muscle and strength. Without the intake of proper food, you cannot expect the desired bodybuilding results, irrespective of how hard you train. Your muscle needs to regain the energy they lose during the workout, and this can only be achieved by having a proper diet along with training

If you want to get big, then you need to concentrate on your diet as well. If you don’t, you can end up coming across unfavorable results, rather than building any muscle strength. If you look into the past, the bodybuilders at that time had everything extreme. From extreme training to extreme diet was their way to go, and this was the reason they managed to achieve the required bodybuilding results without much effort. 

Speaking of the earlier bodybuilders, they used to take a day off during a week to ensure their muscles had enough to recover and grow as desired. During the late and early fifties, the use of steroids became common, and the bodybuilders used to rely on these artificial growth stimulators whose efficiency and productivity is still a question mark.

Ideal Time for Working Out

To achieve the required results, you need to train during the hours you think will be perfect for your body. Many people prefer working out in the morning or the evening when they come back from work. However, if you have a gym near your office, then you can train during the lunch break and then eat healthily

There are several options you can rely on, and you need to keep an eye on the daily work schedule you are faced with before setting yourself a time to work out.


A modern bodybuilder might consider the following weekly routine:

Monday is Chest Day – On Monday you should conduct multiple sets for your chest exercises.

Bench Presses – do one warm-up set and then get progressively heavier. Once this is reached revert to lighter weights. Do ten sets in total.

Decline Barbell Presses – do one warm-up, then do heavier sets and close with one final set. You should do five total sets.

Push-Ups – conduct three rep-out sets in total.

Tuesday – is core and cardio day – On Tuesday you should conduct multiple sets of exercises that strengthen your core. This might include twists as well as leg raises and crunches followed by running a track or doing a stair master.

Wednesdayis back and shoulders day – On Wednesday you should do multiple sets of exercises that target your back and shoulders.

Pull-Ups – Conduct three sets of wide-grip pull-ups with bodyweight. Then add a weight belt and additional weights to increase for heavy sets.

Lat Machine Pull-Downs – Conduct five sets by pulling to the chest.

Bent Over Rowing – Conduct five sets using either dumbbells or a barbell.

Seated Rowing – Conduct five high reps by using weight sets and the cable-and-pulley machine.

Military Press – Conduct one warm-up set and four heavy sets using a barbell.

Alternate Dumbbell Press – Conduct alternate presses with moderate weights and then progress to heavyweights.

Upright Rowing – Conduct five sets with moderate weights.

Lateral Dumbbell Raises – Perform these raises to the front or to the side. Be sure to use light weights and progress to moderate weights.

Thursdayis core and cardio day – On Thursday you should repeat the set for Tuesday.

Fridayis arms day – On Friday you should focus on your biceps, triceps and forearms.

Dumbbell Curls – Conduct these curls either sitting down or standing up. They should be done with alternate arm curls using heavy dumbbells.

Reverse Grip Pull Downs – You should conduct these with the lat machine and perform five sets of these.

Press Downs for Triceps– Conduct these with a lat machine and perform five sets.

Supine French Presses – Conduct these with a barbell and do five sets.

Dumbbell Press – Conduct this with a heavy dumbbell with five reps.

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