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The Right balance between Tennis training and Fitness

The Right balance between Tennis training and Fitness
The Right balance between Tennis training and Fitness

Tennis training and fitness are linked at all levels and cannot be separated to become a good tennis player. Tennis training will teach players the right technique for ground shots, volley, service, but without a good level of fitness, players will still be limited.

Tennis training and fitness should be done together to maximize the results of the training. At all levels, physical training must be integrated. For beginners and young players, physical training will mainly consist of coordination and balance exercises which will help the player to be more effective on the tennis court.

Once the level becomes higher, fitness training will be more specific with agility training. Agility training will work on specific movements and speed on the court. Moving well and being fast are fundamental if a player wants to be able to compete at a good level of tennis. Agility training can be integrated on the field, before, after or during tennis training. Meanwhile, the player can really focus on his technique and intensity of footwork and once he understands it, he will use it during tennis exercises and will be much more effective when executing his shots.

Another important element of physical training for tennis is strength training. This is very important to avoid injuries at all levels. Strength training will also help players to become more powerful and explosive on the field, which could make a huge difference with other players of the same level. Beginning players will follow a very light strength training program, but advanced players will need to integrate it fully into their program. The shots on the tennis court are more and more powerful, if you want to follow your opponents, good strength training must be done on a consistent basis.

Of course, tennis training and fitness both work on the player's aerobic capacity. Specific side cardio training will help players improve their stamina and more, and will make them much better in the match situation. Good aerobic capacity allows players to be more intense throughout the duration of a match and it will also help them recover better between points and after the match.

Flexibility training is another important element that should be done daily at least after practice. A good level of flexibility allows players to reach the balls in extreme positions but also helps them to avoid injuries that could occur on the field.

Physical training means training all of these abilities, strength, agility, aerobics, flexibility. All of this must be part of a tennis training program and it must be done in a consistent manner. At a high level, physical training should represent at least 1/3 of the total training time during the week. Physical training must be maintained while players are in tournament as the complexity is to keep improving all the time and one of the biggest mistakes is to work on the fitness part and then stop while players are in tournaments.

This will cause players to return from their tournaments with a lower level of fitness. When players train, tennis training and fitness should be done as regularly as possible and with high intensity. When players play in tournaments, of course, they will do less fitness, but it is very important to do a minimum in order to maintain their level and to be able to improve even more after returning from their tournament.