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Back Workout For Huge Back & Traps

Back Workout For Huge Back & Traps
Back Workout For Huge Back & Traps

 Let’s be real about this – building a back of comic book proportions can only be achieved through brutally heavy, exhausting workouts, over a long period of time, which is the exact reason why bodybuilders with massive, thick backs, huge traps and three-dimensional rhomboid muscles get instant respect as soon as they walk into a gym. But the good news are that there is no such thing as a too big back. While focusing too much on the growth of almost every other aspect of your physique can potentially harm your proportions, more is always better when it comes to back development. Also, keep in mind that the back is the prime mover in the deadlift, which means that the strength of your back has a major influence on your deadlifting progress.

So if you consider yourself a serious lifter and you want your back to be one of the first things people notice about your physique, read on because we’re about to uncover an excellent back workout routine that will help you significantly speed up your back development.

This routine is fairly simple, because the number of different exercises isn’t what makes a great workout – instead, it’s all about obtaining the right intensity needed for optimal muscle activation as well as enhanced testosterone production. To get there, ditch the straps and prepare for some heavy lifting.

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Perform 5 sets of 5 heavy reps. In addition, perform three shrugs once you have lifted the weight. So each sets should consist of 5 deadlifts and 15 shrugs. Make sure that your form is flawless, otherwise you will only reap back injury.


Hang on a bar with your hands positioned slightly wider than shoulder width apart, then pull up until your chin reaches the level of the bar. Pause for a second and repeat. Perform 3 sets until failure, then have a spotter assist you for an additional 5 reps.


According to popular bodybuilding advice, you got to row to grow, and we couldn’t agree more. Choose your favorite variation of this exercise (cambered bar row, dumbbell row, trap bar row, one-arm barbell row, etc.) but increase the volume and perform 4 sets of 15-20 reps.


Grasp the handles with your hands facing inwards and pull out to your side and back in a semicircular motion, squeezing your rear delts. Your arms should be slightly bent all throughout the movement. Perform 4 sets with at least 10 reps.

This heavy routine is guaranteed to naturally boost your testosterone levels and engage your back muscles and triceps in the most favorable way. The end result? Colossal muscle growth and increased work capacity. That being said, you don’t have to perform it five times per week in order to get best results – in fact, it’s most advisable to limit your back training to once or twice in the week.