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Leg Workouts Increase Testosterone Levels

Leg Workouts Increase Testosterone Levels
Leg Workouts Increase Testosterone Levels

The human body performs a vast amount of functions every second, whether we are lying still or moving around, and needs various systems within to achieve this. Hormones are among the most important elements in the body – they effectively communicate with different systems in the body that need to work together for various functions – and in men, testosterone is among the most important of all the hormones.

Testosterone governs, among other things, the male libido – that is the sex drive – and also helps with muscle strength, bone density, and more. It is known as ‘the male hormone’ thanks to its association with sex, and it is produced in the testes. Testosterone is also found in females but in far lower quantities.

It is a biological fact that, as a man grows older, testosterone production will naturally reduce. This is why men are in their sexual prime in their late teens and 20’s. It is not unusual for testosterone production to fall quite dramatically for men in their 30’s, the result is reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and also changes in behavior and depression.

Every young man wants to keep his sex life alive for as long as possible, and also to remain fit and healthy, so what can be done to increase testosterone levels? If you are looking for ways to increase testosterone levels naturally, then there are several methods, and most of them center around your diet, lifestyle, and the amount of exercise you take. This article will go on to look at whether leg workouts increase testosterone levels, and talk about the best exercise you can take.

Leg Workouts and Testosterone

Let’s start this section by saying that, in fact, most forms of exercise will stimulate testosterone production. One reason for this is that exercising helps you burn fat and lose weight. Consider the way we live: there is a theory that people were fitter than now a century ago as far less of their lives were automated. Few people had a car, for example, and most would walk a lot more.

In the 21st century, we spend – without thinking about it – a lot of our time sitting around, whether at work or in the home and when we want to go somewhere, we tend to get in a car and drive. The lack of exercise in all of these areas has led to a population that is more overweight than ever. Also, our diet tends to veer towards the ‘quick and simple’ with little emphasis on primary health; busy working and family lives have led to us becoming lazy here, too.

What has this to do with testosterone and leg workouts? Quite simply, with sedentary lifestyle, you will gain fat. Fat cells contain enzymes that naturally convert testosterone into the ‘female hormone’ estrogen. In effect, the two hormones fight for space, and where fat is present, estrogen wins. This means that testosterone production will certainly fall.

Testosterone is briefly increased after an intense workout. The larger muscle groups you use, the more testosterone gets released, and legs cover more than 60 percent of the musculature of the body.

Also, taxing bigger muscle groups will burn more calories than working small muscle groups, which means you’ll lose more fat, and with less fat on you, the estrogen levels will also decrease.

Which Leg Workouts are Best?

Here is a great article covering the relationship between leg workouts and testosterone in some detail. It is worth a read if you want to plan a workout for your legs, but we’ve put together a summary below.

A simple and yet effective workout will involve a combination of barbell squats, leg presses, stiff leg deadlifts, and seated and standing calf raises. Each of these is a pretty standard exercise that you can perform at your gym, and you should start slowly and build up to a more rigorous routine.

It is important that your chosen leg workout – it does not have to be the combination above, there are many more suggestions to be found – is carried out regularly. This routine will not only burn fat – and therefore reduce estrogen so that testosterone has less of competition – but will also tone your muscles, and you will start to feel better while regaining your sex drive too!


We asked the question in the title: do leg workouts increase testosterone levels? The answer is undoubted yes, as reducing the fat in your legs – and elsewhere – stimulates the production of the male hormone, and reduces the level of estrogen in the body. Take a closer look at detailed ideas for leg workouts, and you’ll soon find you are enjoying an invigorating exercise routine and feeling more like a man every day!