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Get Your Low Testosterone Back To Normal


Get Your Low Testosterone Back To Normal
Get Your Low Testosterone Back To Normal

If you’re middle-aged and you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone levels you will probably be looking for ways to deal with that. Some of the possible ways include testosterone replacement therapy, changing your diet and so on – but there is a natural way to boost this hormone’s production as well. I know that testosterone replacement therapy is growing into an industry worth billions of dollars right now and you have really great ad campaigns that push more men to try this type of therapy to solve their problem.

However you should think long and hard before you try testosterone replacement therapy – it’s not a small step and you should look into the details and the fine print before you sign off your decision.

One of the major things that are always pointed out is that doing testosterone replacement therapy will change your life – literally. You can’t just take testosterone once and expect it to last – you will have to take it your entire life. This is because when you take testosterone for the first time, it shuts down your testicles and they no longer synthesize it.

This leaves your body without a testosterone production system and as soon as you stop taking it, you will get a brutal response from your body because of the complete lack of testosterone. You will get depressed, you will lose weight, your sex drive and motivation will plummet and all of this will happen extremely quickly, quicker than you think even.

Some people never get their hormones in check after starting testosterone replacement therapy. This is why you need to know that a lot of reasons can contribute to a low testosterone level and these are things as simple as diets that won’t provide your body with enough material to create testosterone, lack of physical ability or as complex as exposure to chemical estrogens or modern food lacking nutrients.

If you want to supplement well enough so that it positively influences your testosterone levels, you want to start taking vitamin D. If you supplement with this vitamin you should check out your blood levels just to make sure that your body is having its fill. A blood level of 50ng/ml is recommended, so make sure to keep it around that number.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of other nutrients that influence your testosterone production – it’s not just the vitamin D. However, one of the best things you can do for lowered testosterone is take vitamin D. This is information fresher than most – a study at the end of 2011 revealed that men who didn’t take enough vitamin D (under 20ng/ml in blood level) had a much lower testosterone production and a higher estrogen coefficient.

Also, they had more body fat and less lean muscle, had a much greater percent of depression as well as all types of heart disease. This is all horrible, but they also experienced poorer fertility in comparison to men who had normal and higher vitamin D percentages. The optimum level is anywhere from thirty to fifty ng/ml – the tested men with these levels had the leanest bodies, the highest levels of free testosterone and much better health overall.

Also, right after the study about vitamin D and testosterone, there was another one that showed how supplementing with vitamin D when you actually have a deficiency in the same vitamin. The two groups of men were given two different pills – one was given a placebo daily for a year and the other one was taking 3332 IUs of vitamin D. The group that took the Vitamin D boosted their free testosterone levels by a fifth, which is 20 percent! Also, the supplementing raised their vitamin D up to 36ng/ml which is an optimum level which will provide the best possible health. The guys that took the placebo pill didn’t experience any changes in testosterone or vitamin D blood levels.

Testosterone production is boosted by vitamin D because the cells of the glands that make testosterone have vitamin D receptors. Also, this vitamin inhibits a process called aromatization which makes testosterone turn into estrogen in men. However, as important as Vitamin D is, it’s not the only thing to help with testosterone – you can also take zinc and magnesium supplements.

I strongly suggest you try these fully natural, harmless ways to get to your testosterone goal before signing up for any life changing decisions. Remember, you can always try harder when you’re going the natural way, but you will have to switch to a life of taking artificial hormones if you choose to do testosterone replacement therapy. It’s much easier to go the natural way but it might be just as efficient!