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A step by step guide: Tricep dips


A step by step guide: Tricep dips
A step by step guide: Tricep dips

When people think of big muscular arms, the first muscles that immediately spring into people’s minds are the biceps. When people flex their muscles, which muscles do they flex? Almost always the biceps. People think of bodybuilders and muscular people as people with big arms, which is absolutely right. However, a common misconception is that people think it’s the bicep muscles that are responsible for big arms, when in actual fact it is the triceps muscle that is responsible for how big a person’s arm is.

The triceps muscle actually has three separate heads, hence the name TRI-cep, and it is the muscle that runs on the underside of the upper arm. If you build up your triceps, you can add inches to the size of your arm, and for that reason, here’s a look at one of the most effective triceps exercises you could ever wish for…triceps dips.

– Begin by standing on a set of dipping bars, holding your entire body at arm’s length, with your arms almost entirely fully locked above the dipping bars.

– Next, take a deep breath, and begin by slowly lowering your body downwards, making sure that your elbows are as close to the side of your body as possible, and that your body itself is upright.

– Lower yourself down as low as you can, until your forearm and your upper arm form a 90 degree angle between one another.

– Next, breathe out, and power your torso back upwards, generating power from your triceps, until your body is back in the starting position.

– Repeat for as many reps as required, making sure to concentrate on maintaining strict form throughout the exercise.

Things to remember

• Always keep your elbows tucked as close to your side as possible, this helps to isolate the triceps muscles, thus making the exercise that little bit more effective.

• Make sure to really work the muscle to absolute failure. By the time you’ve actually completed this exercise, your triceps should burn ever so slightly, and your arms should feel extremely pumped.

• If you’re not used to this exercise, or do not possess the strength, ask a spotter to help you by gently helping to lift your legs as you raise yourself up.

• If you’re a more experienced lifter, you can add additional weight with this exercise by wearing a weight belt with a specially fitted chain that allows you to attach weight plates to the belt before you perform the exercise.