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Back & Shoulders Workout Routine

Back & Shoulders Workout Routine

This upper body workout will help women build shoulder and back development and strength. It requires only a set of dumbbells.

Workout Description

Many times when a woman seems out of proportion, with a heavier bottom half, it is because she lacks upper body development.

I have found, in my weight training business, a shocking lack of upper body development in women.  In general it is, across the board, and not dependent on age.

Many women cannot perform one push up and most cannot perform even one pull up!

Women need upper body strength to function effectively in everyday life.  You need to carry things, pick up your kids, perform you job and be self reliant.

If you develop your upper body, not only will you have a more pleasing appearance but most important of all, you will be more capable of meeting the demands of work and family.

All you need to get started is a set of dumbbells.  Start with a size that feels heavy but that you are able to push up from you shoulders to overhead, usually 8-10 lb. to start.

If you are working out at a gym they will have various sizes.  If you are working out at home you can buy heavier sets as you make progress.

Back & Shoulders Workout Routine

Workout Routine Notes

Shoulder Press. Start with dumbbells at shoulder level and push to overhead, return to starting position in a controlled manner.  If 3 sets are easy, you need more weight!

Upright Row. Begin with arms down, holding dumbbells in front of thighs and pull up to under chin, leading with the elbows.

Rows. Slightly bend over at waist, keeping back arch neutral, don’t round your back.  Let arms hang at sides toward floor.  Slowly draw elbows up toward ceiling and squeeze shoulder blades together.  Lower in a controlled manner to starting position.

Side Lateral Raise. Begin with arms at sides.  Slowly raise arms to the side until they reach shoulder height.  Then slowly lower to starting position.

Push Ups. If you can do push ups, do 3 sets to failure. If you are not able to perform push ups yet start developing a push by starting in the “knees on floor position” or try the “hands up” style by lying flat on floor and pushing yourself up and control your descent back to starting position on floor.

Pull Ups. Pull ups are  a key exercise for a shapely back and shoulders.  If you have access to a Graviton device you can start with that.  Or if you have a pull up bar you can do jumping pull ups by jumping to the bar and letting yourself down slowly.  You could also buy a strong rubber band (made for this use) to attach to bar.  The band assists you in doing pull ups when you place your foot in it and pull up with your arms.

If you have none of these options you can buy an exercise band and do pull downs by placing band over a door or other secure object.  Grasp the ends of the band while seated or kneeling beneath it with arms extended.  Pull with both arms until hands are lowered to shoulders.  Slowly extend arms back up to starting position.

If your children have a swing set you can use the cross brace to do seated pull ups.

Do not be afraid to increase weight as needed to continue to build strength.   Keep working on push ups and pull ups.  Sometimes it can take a year or more to develop a full push up or pull up in de-conditioned women but both exercises are crucial to achieving the shapely silhouette you desire.